My real estate career started in 2009. Initially working with a local real estate developer in student housing, I helped grow the company from a small to mid-size business and opened 25 locations in under 10 years. During this time, my knowledge expanded in development, construction, marketing and property management. This skill level brings my attention to detail to the highest level for my clients.

Since joining Hindsite 20/20 Real Estate, I have grown personally and professionally by purchasing my own personal home and participating in continuing education regularly. As a homeowner and investor myself, I have learned the value of having good help in this process and am happy to share with you the proven system and structure that I used and that I coach my clients to use when making these same important investment decisions. Helping people with one of their most valuable assets, financially and emotionally, is what drives me to provide the best experience for my clients, whether first-time homebuyers, investors, or in the luxury market. With all the resources at our fingertips today, too much information can be just that, too much. Having a professional on speed dial will always benefit you in the long-term. Whether buying, selling or leasing a home, I am happy to walk you through a valuable process that ultimately helps you know that you have made the best real estate decision. 

Working exclusively by referral, I build long-term relationships with my clients to take care of all of their real estate needs. I help advise clients through the home buying or selling process by working off the fundamentals of real estate. These fundamentals translate to all areas and neighborhoods, building knowledge of the overall market in the process, so that my clients can have the most clarity and understanding they can have about Austin and surrounding cities. Additionally, I advise my clients on matters like insurance, property tax advice, repairs, remodels and ultimately continue serving as the godparent of your home.

Aside from real estate, my involvement in the Austin community has included serving on the board of Young Women’s Alliance, volunteering with Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas, serving on Hydro Society for Well Aware and working as former Executive Director for Aspen Heights Awake. Making an impact in my community is important to me, which is why I absolutely love strategizing to help with one of our most crucial needs – housing. 

If you, your friends, or family are looking into buying or selling real estate, even if they’re just starting the learning process, I would love to help. Just call, email or text me and I’ll be happy to reach out, or simply share this page. 

Working with Clare Connally, for the second time, to find the Husband a place closer to his jobs. I appreciate her quick responses to our many inquiries. She is very knowledgeable about the Austin and surrounding areas. Easy and pleasant to work with.
Kryssie Beard