Have You Seen My Socks?

“Have you seen my sock?”  This is probably one of the most popular questions at our house when it comes to laundry and whose is what.  Often, I’ll put a load of clothes in the wash and, I kid you not, it comes back out missing a sock. The victim each week varies.  Plus, now that Terra is 13 and growing like a weed, my socks have become her socks.  I don't have a lot of socks, and Terra has even less than I do, so this impacts my week and my workouts.  Some of you may already know that I am very particular about my socks.  Yes, it totally matters – quality and function are a huge factor for me and the activities that I participate in.  On the other hand, James hardly notices, I'd say because he has a giant drawer full of tall cycling socks.  


Where am I going with this you ask?  Well, I believe our socks are in the dryer... in the deep, dark depths of the dryer.  You know what else is way down in there?  LINT!!!  


Now it's time to talk seriously... too much lint is not good; it’s actually unsafe and could be a fire hazard.  We all know it’s hot in the dryer (haven’t you ever burned yourself on blue jean buttons?) but if the heated air can’t get through the vent pipe because it’s clogged with lint, you have a fire waiting to happen (shout out to my firefighter friends out there for doing what you do, THANK YOU!).  In this case, what you don’t know, and what you never see, can harm you and your family.  Lint is a leading cause of house fires, and letting it build up, year after year, can also increase the wear and tear on the dryer itself – make it work harder, run longer for each load, and increase utility costs.   


As the Godparent of your house, I want to shine a light on this stealthy threat lurking in the walls of your home, and help you restore peace of mind.  And who better to take care of a fire hazard in your home than an off-duty firefighter?!  This month’s Item of Value is an introduction to Fireman Dryerman, a local company run by real firefighters that will take the hassle out of clearing the lint from your dryer vent and the back of the dryer.  As an exclusive offer to Hindsite clients, they’re offering 10% off their services; just visit www.HindsiteAustin.com or call the number on the this Fire Safety Tips flyer to request an appointment.  You’ll be lint-free in no time, and know that you’ve removed a dangerous clog from your life.  And maybe, just maybe, all those missing socks will turn up, too. 


It’s a good life!



Angie Balentine


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