Better Together

I think it is safe to say we are officially in Grilling Season.  This isn’t just a Texas thing either… I believe you will find families and friends all over the world partaking in their version of Grilling.  The more I think about Grilling Season, I can’t help but observe why we do it.  I realize we, as people, have created a tradition around grilling not for the food, but for the time we have with each other.  The meat can burn to a crisp and no one will care because that probably means everyone, including the cook, had a great time.  Besides, more room for dessert anyway! 


Grilling Traditions make me think about our family traditions too.  My Mom is from Nicaragua and her culture is big (very big) on gathering together.  One big tradition in particular, is preparing Nacatamales.  This is a traditional Nicaraguan dish that involves an entire day or more of preparing and slow-cooking the food.  Families start out by preparing the “base” of the dish by slow cooking Masa Flour, Spices, and Lard.  Then, an outer layer of Plantain leaves are prepared – their sturdiness can handle holding the entire meal encased within.  Once the plantain leaf is prepared, it is filled with the Masa Meal Mixture, a type of meat, and a variety of vegetables (each family has their own variation to this as well).  Once filled, the plantain leaves are folded over, tied with a string, and made into pillow-shaped bundles – and there you have Nacatamales.  I can’t help but think of all the family stories that were told over the preparation process… and then there is meal time to continue on with the gathering! 


So, what does this have to do with real estate?  I believe we are all better together, helping and supporting each other through life and in achieving our goals.  As the Godparent of your house, that’s what I want for you – a better support system to help you be successful – and it takes all of us to create it.  Each one of us has specific expectations for how we want to be taken care of.  My commitment is to utilize my market knowledge with a strong network of professionals – lenders, inspectors, Title escrow officers, a vast and dedicated group of vendors in every field, and the best support team in the industry – to create a custom experience for your family to achieve your unique dreams and live a life you love. 


This month’s Item of Value is the opportunity to contribute a favorite recipe and create something that is bigger than any one of us… and have a chance to win a Big Green Egg to make your summer sizzle.  CLICK HERE register to win the Big Green Egg.  In exchange, we are inviting you to submit your favorite grilling recipe online – we’ll collect all of the individual recipes into a custom cookbook and share it with our ever-growing Hindsite 20/20 family.  One grilling recipe is good, but by sharing our best, we can create something that is more than the sum of its parts. 

It’s a good life! 

Angie Balentine


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