Teaching – All Shapes and Forms

Summer took on a new meaning for me as an adult and parent. Now it’s a lot about logistics: who’s doing what, where, when, and for how many weeks (I consider myself a logistical wizard these days). When I was a kid though, there was that wonderful feeling of summer as the school year came to a close, which I can still vividly remember… no more homework, projects, tests, or the shuffling around to get to your seat before the bell rang. Don’t get me wrong, I was a great student – I liked sitting in the front row and engaging with the teacher and the class, so friends would probably put me in the teacher’s pet category (which I was totally ok with) – but there was always something magical about summertime. 


Little did I know at the time that the learning continued throughout the summer.  Reflecting back on my childhood, specifically my teen years, it’s clear that one of the educators who had the biggest influence on me was my swim coach, Coach Duffy.  The learning began bright and early every summer morning with a two-hour swim workout followed by an afternoon session that included both a strength and conditioning component and a second two-hour swim.  We had a great time though because we were a close team that had a lot of fun together, just sticking to the plan to accomplish our goals in the pool.  I learned so many life lessons ranging from goal setting, routine, discipline, reliability, leadership skills, humility, consistency, determination, body awareness, life-long fitness, and much more.   


Formal schooling was absolutely impactful in my life but I now realize there is learning everywhere and everyday for each of us, and we have wonderful teachers amongst us whether we realize it or not.  I’m fortunate that I’m part of a brokerage community that celebrates “continuous personal growth” as a core value and it’s my privilege to learn and improve my craft every day, in service of you, and what you care about. There is no break from learning – and what a wonderful opportunity that can be! 


As this month’s Item of Value, I’m giving you the opportunity to thank a teacher; any teacher.  Every year, teachers all over dig into their own pockets to prepare themselves, their classrooms and their students for learning.  Together, we can help.  Go to our website at www.HindsiteAustin.com (or CLICK HERE) to recognize your favorite teacher and enter them for a chance to win some well-deserved rewards.  The winning entry will receive a gift card they can use to make this the best school year ever.  So, tell a compelling case for how this teacher has earned your esteem, gratitude and loyalty, and let us honor their service.  


And, if reflecting on this offer brings to mind “teachers” from your past, I’m sure they’d love to receive a note, or social media post, sharing what you learned from them… in the classroom, or out. Now, to track down Coach Duffy… 


It’s a good life!

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