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Weaver S'mores Night!

Just enjoying a campout favorite at our kitchen table

Indoor S’mores and Bellybuttons

It's interesting to consider that as much as the Weaver clan (ok, just me) uses a blow torch inside of our house (for cooking!), one of the biggest fire hazards we have is actually the stuff that can be found in one's bellybutton (yes, I’m talking about lint).  


While I could easily just send you this one line and say, "let's get coffee and chat," I would be neglecting you if I didn't discuss fire safety and the often-overlooked danger of dryer lint.  It's scary how much lint can be found in the dryer vent and inside your machine (beyond the lint trap, where you can’t easily see) during a routine clean out. This fluffy stuff that comes off our sweaters and towels may seem harmless, but when you consider that dryer lint is so flammable that people often use it for tinder in their fireplaces and that it can gather around your dryer’s heating element, well, we can all put 2-and-2 together.  


As the Godparent of your house, I want to shine a light on this stealthy threat lurking in the walls of your home, and help you restore peace of mind.  And who better to take care of a fire hazard in your home than an off-duty firefighter?!  This month’s Item of Value is an introduction to Fireman Dryerman, a local company run by real firefighters that will take the hassle out of clearing the lint from your dryer vent and the back of the dryer.  As an exclusive offer to Hindsite clients, they’re offering 10% off their services; just visit or call the number on this Fire Safety Tips flyer to request an appointment.  You’ll be lint-free in no time (well, at least your dryer…), and know that you’ve removed a dangerous clog from your life. 


It’s a good life! 


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