Lifelong Learning

As Summer 2019 comes to a close and Reagan, Owen, and Reese near their first day of classes, I think back to all of the impactful teachers I have been fortunate to be around over the years. Both as mentors and colleagues alike, they each helped guide my learning and pursuit of personal growth over the years. I’ve also got to give a shout out to my better half whom I met while we were both teaching at McNeil High School.

My formal teaching years may be behind me, but I made lifelong friendships with amazing educators and college-bound students during that timeframe.  To now be helping them with some of their most important financial decisions and providing guidance as they map out their financial futures is extremely rewarding, and for that I am grateful.  I’m also fortunate that today I’m part of a brokerage community that celebrates “continuous personal growth” as a core value and it’s my privilege to learn and improve my craft every day.

As this month’s Item of Value, I’m giving you the opportunity to thank a teacher; any teacher.  Every year, educators all over Texas (and beyond) dig into their own pockets to prepare themselves, their classrooms and their students for learning.  Together, we can help.  Go to our website at (or CLICK HERE) to recognize your favorite teacher and enter them for a chance to win some well-deserved rewards.  The winning entry will receive a gift card they can use to make this the best school year ever.  So, tell a compelling case for how this teacher has earned your esteem, gratitude and loyalty, and let us honor their service.

And, if reflecting on this offer brings to mind teachers from your past, I’m sure they’d love to receive a note, or social media post, sharing what you learned from them… in the classroom, or out.

It’s a good life!


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