Come for a ride, stay for the company!

The Road Ahead!

Patch is a dog I was not meant to have; or was I? My son Zak “rescued” Patch as a puppy to live with him in his college apartment. Like most puppies; Patch grew to be a much larger dog and required much more attention than Zak thought he might. To give Zak credit; he would take Patch out as often as possible to the dog park and with him wherever he could but at the end Patch just outgrew Zak’s apartment (and lifestyle). This is when Patch came to live with me in Austin and where this story begins.

To make a long story short (Charles style); Patch has become very attached to me and he follows me around everywhere I go. He loves when I take him on a walk down the hill at Jester or when I play frisbee with him in the front yard. Patch and I have definitely bonded and when the family decided to go to Santa Fe for the holidays, we took Patch with us. Like you can see in the picture above; Patch is just so happy to be on the road with me, even when he has no idea where we are going and why. At this point of the journey Patch had never seen snow nor been anywhere as cold as Santa Fe (what a surprise was waiting him), he was just in for the ride with me.

For me it seems like some journeys are more fun while you are on the journey then when you get to the destination itself. However, I do understand how for most people, they want to know where the road is going, how it might be and when we are likely to “be there”. Yes, this is when you start hearing “are we there yet?” from the back seat. So, as your Broker I would like to invite you to our “all hands” meeting this Friday, where I will share with you in more detail what I see in the road ahead for us. 

I understand that for some agents it may seem like the "sky is falling" because the Real Estate industry is changing so fast it seems like it is being turned on its head. What is happening, and what does it all mean to us? I can see how some agents might be scared because it might seem like what has gotten us this far may not get us much further down the road. Things must change and it might not be so obvious what those changes might look like. Well, I want to start by sharing with you that I am not afraid, in fact; this is the type of environment that I and the other Hindsite Partners strive in. I have been through numerous Real Estate challenges before and I have actually planned for this moment of change in the Real Estate business, so I am ready for it. 

The Hindsite Partners and I are excited about where we are and where we are going, and I will review this in detail this Friday. It is times like this; when our ability to notice, observe and assess becomes necessary to design new and improved offers every day and we have been practicing this for some time now and are good at this. This is why I am so excited to share with you our road map.

The Real Estate market today; is the most fun and innovative market place I have ever seen, and I can't wait to see what new possibilities are awaiting us as we deploy our new and updated offers and innovations.  Yes, we are ready to change, improve and make a new set of possibilities with all that we have already learned over the years couple with new and changing technology.

Think about how successful we have been so far, we have seen year to year growth, and we know what works and what works well and what works for us. Now we can add to what works, change or stop what does not work and we can invent a new possibility for ourselves. Because we already had big plans for 2019, we started out this year with more than $200k in cash reserves and a strong strategic plan to re-name and re-brand Hindsite, to modernize our look and feel and to update all of our internal processes.

To share with you (no spoil alert here!) some of what I will share with you on Friday, I have included the tentative agenda below.

1.    Introduction

a.    Purpose of the “all hands meeting” and our intentions

b.    Our current read on the Real Estate Industry; Threats/Obligations/Opportunities

c.    Overview of what change might feel and look like to us

2.    Financial Review of 2018.

a.    Number of deals, agents and income

b.    How it compares to previous years and to our future goals.

3.    Financial Goals for 2019

a.    Number of deals, agents and income for 2019 and beyond

b.    Departing agents

c.    New offers in the Industry, what they are and what is missing

4.    Hindsite’s strategy around all new and improve offers:

a.    The Hindsite fundamental strategy is always in play

b.    New Hindsite financed 15 day to close offer with CapStar Lending

c.    New Client Referral gift offer and their electronic delivery

d.    Electronic version of CO/LA binders, AHR binders and other client deliveries

e.    IRMA updates and its new CRM functionality

                                              i.    Quick overview of the frame work and implementation schedule

                                             ii.    Additional future functionality to be pro-actively getting the information for the CRM and client information.

f.     The new and improved Hindsite’s first marathon and its fast track option

g.    The new Hindsite second marathon offer to earn $200k+ and its fast track option

h.    The new Hindsite third marathon offer to earn $300k+ and its fast track option

i.      The new Hindsite offer to retire in abundance recipe

j.      Update on Hindsite new name, branding, look and feel update.

                                              i.    Update on Property Management New Name, branding, look and feel.

k.    The new Hindsite 90/10 agent split with a year team fee total commitment

l.      The new Hindsite Agent personal purchase commission discount

5.    How does all these new offers come together, schedule implementation timeline

6.    Conclusion and declarations.

7.    Question and Answers

I understand that it may seem like major changes are absolutely necessary to prosper in the new era of Real Estate and I do think major changes are coming, but for those here at Hindsite the changes will all seem natural, congruent with our philosophy of care, and powerful. The changes Hindsite will be making will build upon the one offer no one else is making in the Real Estate industry and it will only bring the Hindsite Agents greater marginal utility while the rest of the agents in the industry will be chasing the same old industry “tip & technic” thinking it’s a new trick.

I do ask all the agents make a commitment to being open to change, and that you give us room to move with these changes. What I can share with you now is that they will not betray our clients, their interest and the quality of work we are used to providing them.  All the planned changes will only enhance our value and contribution to our clients lives while also turning out our future.

The road ahead, represents the most exciting time for us to be Realtors, to be the type of Realtors we are, to work together to produce a new standard of care and to enjoy the journey along with our fellow agents, staff and clients.

Are you in?