When I graduated college in December of 1993, I was one of the lucky ones with an immediate full-time paying job. Middle School teacher, in Rosenberg, Texas. I was so proud; I even taped the words I TEACH on my cap to share with the world as I walked the stage for my diploma.


Between taking over a retiree’s classroom and managing teenagers for the first time in my life, I quickly questioned my career choice. But when Year 2 rolled around, I found my pace and began to explore how the balance of illustrative instruction with a nurturing heart could affect so many lives. And I liked it.


It became very apparent to me that helping others is an extension of who I am. Even though my days of lesson planning have been replaced with viewing properties, analyzing contracts and negotiating on my clients’ behalf, my commitment to being a resource and adviser stems from my time in the classroom. Once a teacher, always a teacher! And today, I’m fortunate to be part of a brokerage community that celebrates “continuous personal growth” as a core value and it’s my privilege to learn and improve my craft every day. 


While I’m teaching (and learning) day in and day out, it’s officially Texas back-to-school time and the perfect occasion to honor those who give so much. As this month’s Item of Value, I’m giving you the opportunity to recognize a special teacher who deserves praise and could use a token of appreciation. Go to our website at www.HindsiteAustin.com (or CLICK HERE) to nominate your favorite teacher for a chance to win a well-deserved reward. The winning entry will receive a gift card to spend on their classroom and make this the best school year ever.


It’s my pleasure to honor fellow educators as they prepare to head back to school in mid-August, and I’m excited to extend the offer for you to join me in doing so. 

It’s a good life!

Cherry Amato


Mobile: (512) 439-9672

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P.S. I am here to take care of you and yours when it comes to real estate. All of your family and friends will be in great hands when you refer them to me.

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