So, What?

“So, what?”  


This was the recurrent refrain from CPT Eileen Ahearn, an instructor at the Army’s Military Intelligence School, where I trained as a Lieutenant.  Sounds a little “snarky”, doesn’t it?  It was, and it goaded me beyond reciting factoids, to always think and speak the “so, what?”; to ask myself “Why does this matter and how can someone use it to make critical decisions?”  CPT Ahearn is still the voice in my head today when I realize I’m talking past someone, that what I’m saying isn’t making sense to them, or doesn’t seem relevant to their current situation.  “So, what?”, I think… and try a different approach. 


Haven’t we all had teachers like that?  With a single look, a pet phrase (or maybe a much-needed boot in the behind) they shaped us in a profound way and we carry them around with us even now?  Is there someone like that in the lives of your children – someone that helps them achieve beyond the limits of what they thought possible?  We hate to admit, to ourselves and for sure NEVER to the teacher, that they make us better. 


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  I’m fortunate to have always been part of communities that celebrate lifelong learning as a core value and it’s my privilege to improve my craft every day, in service of you, and what you care about.  My promise, as the Godparent of your House, is to speak the “so, what?”, to help you live a life you love in the home of your dreams. 


As this month’s Item of Value, I’m giving you the opportunity to thank a teacher, any teacher.  Every year, teachers dig into their own pockets to prepare themselves, their classrooms and their students for learning.  Let’s help.  Go to our website at (or CLICK HERE) and register your favorite teacher.  The winning entry will receive a gift card the teacher can use to make this the best school year ever.  So, make a compelling case for how this teacher has earned your esteem, gratitude and loyalty and let us honor their service (no deductions for spelling errors on our part). 


And, if this offer brings to mind teachers from your past, I’m sure they’d love to hear your “So, what?” – find them on social media or drop them a note (in this case, spelling matters!) 


It’s a good life!      



It’s a good life! 

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