Keep It Cool

I love summertime!  The summer has always been a season to gather with friends and family during school breaks and celebrate the time for rest and fun.  The vast amounts of outdoor adventures Austin and surrounding areas have to offer lend plenty of quick cool-off time and reasons to be in nature – swimming, bbq's, hikes, splash pads, beach trips, etc!  


Part of all the adventure is making sure to keep cool.  Staying hydrated and keeping body temperatures down is often a challenge here in Texas.  So, where do we go to cool off?  Our houses, typically.  Even yesterday in 90-degree heat, my nephew's birthday party was in my backyard and cooling off meant going inside.  Sometimes you just need to sit inside to get cooled off, whether it's in your car out in nature or in your living room.  


Speaking of air conditioners, this is a great time to schedule a tune-up for your system.  A little preventive maintenance can do wonders for your system’s lifespan and efficiency.  And it never hurts to have your condensation line checked out to make sure it’s draining smoothly.  A blocked condensation line can cause leaks, which in turn can damage equipment, floors, or drywall.  One of the last things anyone wants is to have their air conditioner go out in the middle of a string of 100+ degree days.  


Need more convincing?  As this month’s Item of Value, I’d like to connect you with Hindsite’s trusted HVAC service provider, Les Sariol with Altruistic A/C & Heating, who is offering to come by and service your unit at a great price.  You can simply click here to request an appointment and Les will follow up with you to schedule a time. In the meantime, you can do your part to lighten your system’s load by tackling a few of the practical suggestions on this flyer.Here’s hoping your summer gets off to a cool start! 


It’s a good life! 



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