Inventing Time

To some, the idea of planning—and its big brother, setting New Year’s goals or resolutions—generates the same excitement as a root canal…perhaps necessary to avoid excruciating pain, but certainly not something anyone is jazzed about. Conversely, there are some that take great comfort in planning, goal setting, making sure that their closets are ordered by color, their pencils are lined up, etc. The latter always makes me think of this cartoon…

I’m not ready to admit which end of the spectrum I’m on but I’m working on a new mood for goal-setting this year. Goals are your friend, goals are your friend… Goal-setting for me means inventing time…and who couldn’t use a little extra time on their side? Invent time? Well, when I think about the future situation I want to be in now, I have way more time to learn what I need to know, meet with the people who can help me, and collect the resources I’ll need before I need them. I can take incremental steps to make the goal a reality and be more relaxed and peaceful along the way.

I can help you invent time, too. I don’t know what goals you are setting for yourself, but it’s likely we have many in common. Goals around time with family and friends, health, new hobbies, books, retirement planning, being more selfless. Any of those sound familiar? Perfect, let’s get together and share expertise, point out pitfalls, and find ways to make the total way more than the sum of the parts.

To get things started, here’s my first offer to help you invent time in 20/20. Do you ever find yourself at a loss for a special plan when it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner? It is still always February 14th, but by the time you think about making reservations for that special someone in your life, all of the restaurants are booked and you wind up at a “classy food truck” on the eastside. Well, I’ve thought ahead, and already booked preferred seatings for two at several of Austin’s most sought-after restaurants. As this month’s Item of Value, I am offering to pass along these valuable reservations so you can have a Valentine’s Day dinner date that is worthy of the one you care about most—be that for the love of your life, a long-time gal pal, or perhaps a daddy-daughter date. Just enter for your chance to win at and you can cross one of your goals off the list.

20/20 is my year, my decade even, to surprise and delight you.


It’s a good life! 



Gus Sanchez

[email protected]




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Larson, G. ‘The Far Side’ [Cartoon]