What Lurks in Your Dryer

A little while ago our dryer stopped working – it would start, then shut itself off after about five minutes.  After several trips to the dryer only to find damp clothes, we thanked it for its years of service and got a new one.  Because my 11-year-old son likes to take things apart, and find out how they work, we handed the broken dryer over to him.  Last weekend he finally started to disassemble it and I was SHOCKED at how much lint was inside that machine!  I’m religious about cleaning out the lint trap after each load, but apparently much of it gets back into the dryer and remains around the rear vent.  Who knew?!  Altogether, the depths of the dryer was harboring about a basketball-size lump of lint! 

He also found about $7 in bills and coins, but incidentally, no socks… the fate of socks in the dryer remains a mystery! 

Unfortunately, all that lint that I can’t pretend not to know about anymore, poses a fire hazard.  With National Fire Prevention Month upon us in October, it’s a great time to get your house fire-safety ready.  And, since dryer fires (sparked by lint) are a leading cause of house fires, this month’s Item of Value is an introduction to Fireman Dryerman, a local company run by real firefighters that will take the hassle out of clearing the lint from your dryer vent and the back of the dryer.  Who better to take care of a fire hazard in your home than an off-duty firefighter?!  As an exclusive offer to Hindsite clients, they’re offering 10% off their services; just visit www.HindsiteAustin.com or call the number on this Fire Safety Tips flyer to request an appointment.  Who knows what they’ll find lurking in your dryer… 


It’s a good life! 


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