I'm in Your Corner!

Just like our clients and most of our agent team, I was introduced to Hindsite as a referral. My good friend, Meredith, bought her first home (which we still fondly refer to as the Sunny Brook Casa) with a Hindsite agent. A few years later, she accepted the Hindsite offer and launched her new career as an agent. It was never odd for dinners at the Sunny Brook Casa to last three hours and to include lively discussion, laughter, good food and Meredith suggesting we all talk about our “primary question” or some other topic from one of her daily agent education sessions or a book she was reading. Watching her successfully launch her career in an environment that valued relationships, education, and personal growth intrigued me so greatly that in the Fall of 2017, I too decided to join the team.

My nearly 20 years of experience in sales, sales team leadership, business development and executive coaching fits my role at Hindsite perfectly. My role is to come alongside you to help shepherd and coach you as you launch your real estate career. My personal goal is to help you reach the milestones of your 1st, 4th, and 8th transactions. We have learned that by the time agents reach 8 completed transactions, they build momentum and are on their way to completing their personal income goals. If an agent completes 8 transactions within 10-12 months, this significant milestone indicates success reaching, what we call at Hindsite, your first marathon ($100k annual take home income) by your 24th month in real estate. I am here as a resource and to coach you as you lead yourself with determination and hold the rigor and discipline needed to reach your milestones.  The greatest joy of my career has been coaching my sales reps and executives, whether it is helping my sales reps double and triple their annual sales goals or helping executives win their day by overcoming roadblocks and working toward personal and professional goals. This fits well with my personal philosophy of care, which is, to speak to and interact with people in such a way that they experience genuine and intentional care and relationship. 

Just as you are a resource for your clients before, during, and after any transaction experience, I'm here to be your coach and guide before, during, and after you launch your real estate career. I look forward to being of great service to you and to anyone you choose to refer to Hindsite as a realtor.

I’m in your corner!

JenJoy Allen

Career Launch Coach

(512) 675-2041

[email protected]

By the way, Hindsite is growing! If you know anyone potentially interested in pursuing a new career, as a real estate professional in Austin, please send them my way or have them visit our Become an Agent posting.