Limited Amount of Willpower

Did you know that we have a limited amount of willpower? A recent theory states that each day we start with a “full-cup” of willpower which is depleted throughout the day with each and every “temptation” we face: to eat that cookie for breakfast or a piece of fruit, to surf the web at work or finish that project that has been sitting on your desk for weeks. Studies have shown that resisting temptations throughout the day takes a mental toll which some experts liken to muscle fatigue from overuse.


So it’s no wonder that after a particularly tiring day, it’s more tempting to order food rather than cook a home-cooked meal. While this does make me feel a little better about myself, particularly after a long and willful day, it doesn’t help me when needing to get things done around the house.


My tip is to start compiling your list of items to do around the house and organizing them by month/season so that all you have to do is check items off your list, and not try to do everything at once. One item which should be on your list this month is servicing your HVAC. Like changing oil in your car, servicing your AC unit can help you avoid major issues. And with Austin’s summer heat right around the corner, you won’t want to be stuck in the heat.


Since many of us don’t have the willpower to research a good HVAC company, that’s where I can help. This month’s Item of Value is an introduction to my friends at Altruistic A/C & Heating, who are offering a pre-season check-up at a fantastic price. Before we put max load on our HVAC this summer, let’s have Les and his crew give it the once-over: blow the dust and debris off all surfaces and clear the gunk (that’s a technical term) from the drain lines. Let them verify the refrigerant levels and perform a functions check on the thermostat, float switch and other features that can prevent ill-timed surprises. You can simply click here to request an appointment and Les will follow up with you to schedule a time. In the meantime, you can do your part to lighten your system’s load by tackling a few of the practical suggestions on this flyer.


Let me help you save that last ounce of willpower for something other than researching good help.

With Gratitude,

Jessica Pino


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