Nine Lives

I am the youngest of three and, consequently, my taste in music was influenced by what my older siblings were listening to as they controlled the radio. And really, it was my brother who had complete control of the dial being the oldest. He’s seven years older than me so obviously I liked anything he liked. He went through an oldies phase; I went through an oldies phase. He went through a rock and roll phase; I went through a rock and roll phase. He joined the Aerosmith fan club; I joined the Aerosmith fan club. Does anyone else remember fan clubs (before the internet “took off”) when you received SWAG in the mail?  


Naturally, my first concert experience was also thanks to my brother and as you may have guessed, it was Aerosmith’s Nine Lives Tour. I don’t recall much… it was over 20 years ago! I do, however, remember strange details like thinking there were a lot of “older” people around—I must have been 15 or 16. I remember being so close to the stage I could see Steven Tyler sweat and thinking that was so cool. I remember there being a lot of smoke in the room—it was way before the “no indoor smoking” laws were implemented. Most of all, I remember that experience was the official start of my love for live music. 


I didn’t know at the time that I would one day live in the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World”, but I’m thankful that I do because I have tons of opportunities, from small venues to large scale festivals, to scratch that live music itch. Which is why I’m particularly excited about this month’s Item of Value – an opportunity for you to score tickets to Austin’s biggest outdoor festival, ACL! Visit to register to win a pair of 3-day weekend passes to this iconic event. Whether it will be your first concert or your 100th, I hope it will create memories for you that you’ll look back on fondly after 20+ years. 


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