Hometown (Teaching) Heroes

I’m fortunate that I’m part of a brokerage community that celebrates “continual improvement and personal growth” as a core value. And even though my formal education days are behind me, it’s been a privilege to continue to learn and improve my craft every day, in service of you, and what you care about. I’ve always been an advocate for the unceasing, life-long pursuit of education and it’s incredible to share that with my colleagues day in and day out. 


For many others, however, the new school year is just around the corner – Austin heads back in mid-August! All of the seasonal sections in our local stores have transformed into “Back to School” zones, and I’ve been reminded of a plea my good friend and teacher, Erin, made on Facebook a couple years back. She requested that anyone who saw a certain set of teaching blocks at their local Target please let her know, so she could pick them up for her classroom. Well, my friend Erin lives in Ohio, so instead of trying to convince her to fly to Austin, I purchased all I could find locally and mailed them to her. I was happy to do so, but it was a glaring reminder of how teachers scramble every year to prep their classrooms, often time paying out of their own pockets to do so. 


Even if you don’t have children in school, you likely have a friend, uncle, or cousin who works in education and have heard similar stories of the struggles that teachers have to stock their classrooms every year. So, as this month’s Item of Value, we’re going to give back to local educators with your help! We’d love for you to recommend a deserving teacher that you know personally – someone who has merited some praise and could use a token of appreciation to help make the coming school year even better. Head to HindsiteAustin.com (or CLICK HERE) to nominate your favorite teacher for a chance to win a gift card to spend on their classroom… bonus points if they serve in and have an impact on your own local community! We’ll leave it to them to decide how to best put that to use for their students. Help us help the community and the next generation. 


With Gratitude, 

Jessica Pino


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