Shifting the Focus

Why does the word “goal” get such mixed reviews? When shouted as an enthusiastic “Gooooooaaaaal” by sports commentators at a soccer game—or yours truly following a game-winning field goal during the Baylor football season (Sic ’em!!)—it’s perfectly acceptable. But when it comes to setting New Year’s goals, “resolution” doesn’t always seem to invite the same passion.

Personally, I’m working on a new perspective for goal-setting this year. I am becoming very clear about where I want to be, what I want to achieve, and how I want to grow, then putting my focus on those targets. In years past, I often focused on things I wanted to change or be different. Today, I’m just gently shifting my focus on “the goal” rather than any challenges that might get in my way—the intention being that I can take incremental steps to make the goal a reality, and be more relaxed and peaceful along the way.

As it relates to my business, I will continue to seek ways to be the best Godparent to your home that I can be and persist in finding ways to better focus my time, talent and treasure on helping you live the life you were meant to, as you envision it. As the Godparent of your house, it’s my privilege to anticipate and resolve any breakdowns your house will have, so they don’t distract you from your purpose. I look forward to offering strategies and practical help for building wealth that frees you to focus your talents on your family and career. And, I’m always focused on the future, to increase your capacity to take care of the things that matter most to you, even when they don’t appear to be “house-related.”

To get things started, here’s my first offer for you in 2020! Do you ever find yourself at a loss for a special plan when it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner? It comes around every year on February 14th, but by the time you think about making reservations for that special someone in your life, all of the restaurants are booked! Well, I’ve thought ahead, and already booked preferred seatings for two at several of Austin’s most sought-after restaurants. As this month’s Item of Value, I am offering to pass along these valuable reservations so you can have a Valentine’s Day dinner date that is worthy of the one you care about most—be that for the love of your life, a long-time gal pal, or perhaps a daddy-daughter date. Just enter for your chance to win at

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