Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is upon us! While it can sometimes be overwhelming to see Christmas decorations shortly after Halloween, I do love this time of year, especially all the traditions that go along with it. For Thanksgiving, my family’s traditions have always been pretty consistent. The day starts with watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, of course! The meal is always ham AND turkey, potato salad AND dressing, AND mashed potatoes, way too many rolls and MeeMaw’s chocolate pie. The feast is followed by naps and the Cowboys game.

My Christmas traditions, on the other hand, have evolved over the years. All but one of my nieces and nephews are well past the “Santa years”, so our time together is much calmer than it used to be. However, the adults play a fun gift-exchange game that can be highly competitive and raucous! I also have my beloved grandson, who just turned two; I’ve missed being around small children at Christmas, so I’m looking forward to the coming years and the Christmas traditions that are beginning with him. I’m already so excited about experiencing my favorite holiday through the eyes of this special boy!

I’d love to hear about your family holiday traditions, whether they’re ones that have been cultivated over generations or are new in recent years. I know many families head to the theater on Christmas Day to take in a holiday blockbuster, and this month’s Item of Value is just that – a chance to win dinner and a movie, on me. Just go to and register for the opportunity to pick up tickets to Alamo Drafthouse as a special treat for you and your loved ones. If a movie outing during the holidays isn’t something you already look forward to, perhaps it can become a new, stress-free holiday tradition!

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