Life Hack – Dryer Lint

I love fires: the sound of the crackling wood, the warm glow of the embers, the beautiful colors of very hot flames.  I could watch a fire for hours.  I especially love a good camp fire!  In fact, I just returned from Colorado where the cooler weather made it possible for me to build a fire every night.  And of course, I roasted marshmallows!  “First you take the graham, then you take the ‘mallow…”  Any Sandlot fans out there?!  


Since I enjoy camping and fires so much, I’ve had to learn how to build a good one. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few fire-building hacks, and one of the best is using dryer lint. It really works!  When I know I’m going to need it, I begin saving the dryer lint from every load of laundry.  Then, when it’s time to build a fire, I lay down the lint, set up the smaller sticks on top, followed by larger and larger pieces of wood until I have the teepee.  Once everything is set up, I light the dryer lint and in seconds …voila, I have a roaring fire!  


We’ve all got dryer lint, which is what makes this such a great hack, and you can save it for your at-home fire pits or bring it with you camping.  But, after you see how quickly it catches fire, it makes you wonder about the dryer lint in your home, which may be building up in your machine and the vent.  As much as I love fires, I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can to prevent one inside my home!  


With National Fire Prevention Month upon us in October, it’s a great time to get your house fire-safety ready.  And, since dryer fires (sparked by lint) are a leading cause of house fires, this month’s Item of Value is an introduction to Fireman Dryerman, a local company run by real firefighters that will take the hassle out of clearing the lint from your dryer vent and the back of the dryer.  Who better to take care of a fire hazard in your home than an off-duty firefighter?!  As an exclusive offer to Hindsite clients, they’re offering 10% off their services; just visit or call the number on this Fire Safety Tips flyer to request an appointment.  They may even let you keep the lint for your campfires! 


It’s a good life! 


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