Tidy Up With Joy!

Do you surround yourself with stories? No, I’m not asking if you have your head in the clouds… what I mean is, if you were to pick up any item in your home, from the shirt on your back or the clock on your mantel, can you share a story about how it came to be in your possession? Is it a story that makes you smile? If the answer is yes, then you could say that it Sparks Joy. 

This quirky expression, Spark Joy, is a recent craze in the home organization field. But my Mom was a Master long before the Netflix sensation Tidying Up with Marie Kondo appeared on the scene. As our family moved around the globe, shipping our worldly possessions under the draconian Army weight limits, my Mom became skilled at sorting, saving or letting-go of decades worth of family treasures - toys, furniture, clothing, dish-ware, linens, etc. It had to pass the Spark Joy test or it was on to the next user (and this was WAY before recycling was a “thing”). As you browse through their Texas home now, she can regale you with the personal provenance of each treasure. But the stories about the cast of characters she encountered as she dug through open market stalls or held the ladder while the ancient shopkeeper plucked the exact item off the tippy-top shelf… priceless. 

My Mom’s gift at sharing her passion for a great find and a colorful story to go with it, Sparks Joy in me.  When we call to mind the story that accompanies the treasure, everything we care about takes on a new dimension – and that’s what Spark Joy looks like. If a little Joyful editing is what is missing, from your home or your life, let’s practice together. 

This month’s Item of Value is an opportunity to register for a chance to win a bespoke (that’s fancy for “custom”) home organizing experience with a certified KonMari consultant. Click Here to enter the giveaway. But we don’t have to wait for you to win to get started with your own Spark Joy experience. Just give me a call and we’ll discover what about your home makes you smile and where a new story for you can create a Spark Joy moment for someone else.

I like to imagine that in various corners of the world, shopkeepers are swapping stories about the feisty woman from Texas who shared their passion for (fill-in-the-blank), and Mom has become part of the Spark Joy tapestry of their lives. Tidy home, tidy life, with a sprinkle of Joy on top. 

It’s a good life! 

Cindy Smith

Broker Associate/REALTOR®

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