Spark Some Joy This Spring

Whether you just moved or you’ve been in the same place for years, we all need organizational help. After a new home purchase, most of my clients take about two months to unpack boxes.  And almost all of us still have that one box of… well, we don’t really know what’s in there, do we?  That’s why we’ve never unpacked it.  I have several.

When I have the time to dedicate to a specific area, I love a good clutter purge.  I’ll mercilessly take on the junk drawer, the pantry or my closet, getting rid of things I don’t need, discovering things I forgot I had, and then finding a place for everything and putting it in its place.  It’s so satisfying to drop off a trunk-full at Goodwill and be left with a space where you know where everything is!  When I don’t have the time or energy, I’ll settle for watching someone else do it.  That’s right, I know I’m not the only one binging on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.  Watching cheery Marie Kondo help people determine what objects “spark joy” and declutter their lives is almost as satisfying as doing it in my own home (and much less labor intensive). In fact, my included image shows my son after we tackled his dresser with Marie's technique, let's just say the drawers wouldn't even close before!

If you too have been swept up in the mania, but you’re better at watching it than executing it, (or if you’ve never heard of Marie Kondo but need help with organization) then you’ll be as excited as I am about month’s Item of Value!  One lucky winner can choose from either a 3-Hour KonMari Method Home Organizing Session or a 1-Hour KonMari Method Home Organizing Workshop from Austin-based Organized for Good.  Owner Erin is a professional organizer, trained in the KonMari Method, and a lifesaver if you’re about to embark on a spring cleaning or desperately need some direction.  Click here for additional details and to enter for your chance to win.  I’d love to see some before and after photos if you win!

It’s a good life!

Hannah Vaughan


P.S. Remember, I am never too busy to help your family, friends, or co-workers with their real estate  needs. Just call me and/or e-mail me their name and number and I will be happy to follow up with them.

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