Life-Long Learning

Growing up, summertime for this bookworm meant extra time for reading (especially outside), which is something I still thoroughly enjoy. The local public library’s summer reading program served as further motivation to enthusiastically devour books, as treats and prizes were available to those who met their reading goals. While the trinkets I earned are distant memories, the reward that I carry with me to this day is knowing the enjoyment reading a good book brings to my life.

These days the motivation to keep on reading stems from a love for continuous learning, something instilled in part by those who taught me how to read at an early age. Teachers have such a profound impact because they lay the foundation for learning from which we continue to build upon over the course of our lives. I am personally grateful for every teacher who was, is, and will be dedicated to paving the way for the next generation to embrace life-long learning. It is also important to note the other significant part of this equation – those who modeled reading as a lifestyle outside of the classroom – be it parents, mentors, and other influential adults. My gratitude for their intentionality and the gift of their time is boundless.

This month we’re shaking things up a bit in order to recognize the educators in our lives that work tirelessly to instill the love of learning into the next generation. If you are like me, you can immediately think of a whole list of people you know and care about that are gearing up for the school year. It is in that sentiment that this month’s Item of Value is the opportunity to nominate a deserving teacher to receive a gift card to intentionally invest in their classroom as they prepare for the school year ahead. Head on over to (or CLICK HERE) to submit your nomination. We’ll leave it up to them to decide how to best put the funds to use to grow and inspire the love of learning within their classroom.

It’s a good life!

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