While ABABCB may appear unfamiliar at first glance, it likely shows up in your everyday life as it’s a common type of song structure.  This structure informs us where the song is going and serves as a roadmap for what makes our favorite tunes oh so enjoyable.  Even though it’s somewhat predictable, this familiarity is comforting to us as we can anticipate what is coming next, keeping us coming back for more.  


While your real estate journey may at first appear unfamiliar, rest assured that I have a structure to how my assistant and I will care for you along the way.  Like a familiar song, we’ll work together to navigate the roadmap where I will guide and prepare you for what is coming next in order to make your real estate journey oh so enjoyable 


So, let’s break down what this ABABCB is all about.  Song structure is more than arranging the sections in a certain way; each segment has a role to fulfill.  When you know the role of each part in the song, it allows for you to be prepared to modify the song’s structure as needed.  


A = The Verse – lyrically, this is what moves your story forward and keeps your ideas moving along. (In real estate, it’s the progression of our relationship – from our first meeting to our first showing, from making an offer to closing on your dream home. Though, in our case, it’s the “song that never ends”; I’m here to help before, during and after every transaction.)  


B = The Chorus – this is the “big idea”; it’s what the song is all about and it’s generally the catchiest part of the song.  This is what stays stuck in your head long after the song is over!  (For us, this is similar to understanding the decision-making process and sharing common terms essential to the process; it’s our commitment to frequent communication, ensuring we’re always on the same page.) 


C = The Bridge – here we depart from what we’ve heard previously in the song.  Typically, the lyrics and the music are both different here, providing for a new perspective, and this is what keeps the song interesting.  (How does this relate? Well, when your real estate situation gets “interesting”, it’s here that we lean into the various strategies I have available to you, to help us navigate the personal particulars of each situation we find ourselves in.)  


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It’s a good life! 




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