Hindsite is 20/20

We’ve all heard this phrase a million times: Hindsite is 20/20. Merriam-Webster defines hindsight as, “the full knowledge and complete understanding that one has about an event only after it has happened.” Raise your hand if you’ve been there before—yes both of my hands are raised. When I find myself in a “Hindsite is 20/20” moment, I’ve grown to implement a practice of debriefing the situation so that I can use it as a learning opportunity to grow from, build upon, and increase my capacities in the future.

With a new decade upon us, what a great time to intentionally look back over the past 10 years to identify these “Hindsite is 20/20” moments in one’s life so that through reflection one can extract clarity of what this span of time has taught you and made you more knowledgeable about yourself. In my personal reflection, it’s the contrast of the highs and lows, failures and accomplishments, action and inaction, sorrow and joy, which help to inform me how to chart the course ahead. This awareness serves as a compass for what I want to continue doing, start doing, and stop doing in the decade ahead. So, if you're in to learn from your "Hindsite is 20/20" moments and want to use them to plan and prepare for the future, let me know—I’d enjoy the opportunity to connect with you on your goals and plans. After all, two are better than one!

To get started, I’d like to offer my help around the next big holiday—one that often leads many people to experiencing another “Hindsite is 20/20” moment—Valentine’s Day. Do you ever find yourself the day before Valentine’s wishing you had planned ahead to make reservations at a special restaurant for dinner? Well, I’ve planned ahead, and already booked preferred seatings for two at several of Austin’s most sought-after restaurants. As this month’s Item of Value, I am offering to pass along these valuable reservations so you can have a Valentine’s Day dinner date that is worthy of the one you care about most—be that for the love of your life, a long-time friend, or perhaps a daddy-daughter date. Just enter for your chance to win at www.HindsiteAustin.com and you can map this out on your 20/20 plan.

I’ll be here for you in 20/20 and the decade ahead and look forward to continuing to surprise and delight you.

It’s a good life! 




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