Summer is Coming

For the past few years, springtime means I am preparing for triathlon season and 2019 has been no exception. For the past few weeks I have been getting in more time in the pool, on the bike, and out running on the roads. I have found this year has, so far, been a great year for wonderfully cool mornings for my outdoor workouts. I have noticed that as I enjoy those often surprisingly cool mornings, I find two thoughts running through my mind. First: don’t get too comfortable running in 55-degree weather as race day will almost certainly be much (much) warmer. Second: don’t get too comfortable doing anything in 55-degree weather because “summer is coming”.

After two decades in Austin, I actually now see the area as having two seasons: Unpredictable, and Hot. Those seasons that other parts of the country know as fall, winter and spring, we get to experience as a series of fronts which can bring anything at any time. I am still hanging on to the hope for unpredictably cool morning runs, but Hot is coming and soon we will all permanently flip our thermostats to the “cool” position for the foreseeable future and expect the AC to work its magic. Though the air conditioning system shares a number of components with the furnace, there are parts of the cooling system that have been lazing about and could be in need of a tune up before you truly put them to the test. Now is a great time to give your system a fighting chance by doing a little preventative maintenance so the system can take care of you all summer long (ahem) all Hot long.

To help you keep cool, this month’s Item of Value is an introduction to my friend Les and his crew at Altruistic A/C & Heating. Les is offering a pre-season check-up at a fantastic price. Before you put max load on your cooling system this summer, let’s have the team at Altruistic give it a good once-over. They can blow dust and debris off all surfaces and clear the gunk from the drain lines. Let them verify the refrigerant levels and perform a functions check on the thermostat, float switch and other features that can help prevent ill-timed surprises in your home. You can simply click here to request an appointment and Les will follow up with you to schedule a time. In the meantime, you can do your part to lighten your system’s load by tackling a few of the practical suggestions on this flyer.

It’s a good life!

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