"How are we going to eat now?"

Back in 1998/99, my husband Cory and I had two small children – between working, serving in ministry and raising a family, we were busy. Embarrassingly, I relied heavily on frozen meals that could be popped into the microwave and minutes later, voila!… dinner was served. Although we were doing the best we could to survive the situation we were in and care for all apparent needs, I realize now how unhealthy this way of being was, and not just from a physical perspective.

It became very apparent one day when we were having a garage sale. We were moving into a new home, which had a built-in microwave (fancy!), and no longer needed our portable one. A very sweet family purchased the microwave and as they were walking away, Briggs, 5 at the time, looked at me with sincere concern and said, “How are we going to eat now?” After the initial laughter that rose up in my heart, because of course I knew that a microwave was not the only source for meals, my heart sank a bit realizing what I had conditioned Briggs to as "normal". Sweet boy. Needless to say, he never missed a meal and all is good in his world.

My take away from remembering this story is, slow down, make time for togetherness, a fast food world might not be sustainable. Thinking back on times when I’ve spent several hours making meals for my family, I recognize the joy and satisfaction in it. Lately, it’s been my intention to set aside my agenda and just be present with those around me. Moments of authentic togetherness and connection imprint on your memory. To be honest with you, I have no true memories of what I was doing in the busyness of life, but I can remember vividly moments of laughter at the beach house, making and decorating Christmas cookies, playing dominoes, sitting by a lake relaxing, gazing up at a night sky searching for a shooting star. Moments like those will last a lifetime.

Another great way to create moments of togetherness is with a good old fashion backyard barbecue. Backyard barbecues bring people together in a way like no other type of party really does: the smell of food grilling, sun shining, ice melting in your drinks, yard games, grass between your toes. What about the sound of an ice cream maker churning? My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

I encourage you to have a little backyard bash of your own. To help you in planning that party, Hindsite is giving away a Big Green Egg to one lucky client as this month’s Item of Value. The Big Green Egg will help make cooking a breeze, although it’s not quite as quick as a microwave. To enter, we’re asking you to share your favorite “grillable” recipe! Once the giveaway has ended, we’ll collect the recipes into a custom Hindsite 20/20 Cookbook and share it with all of you. CLICK HERE to enter for a chance to win the Big Green Egg. I hope to get to spend time with you sometime soon and create memories to be cherished.

…and Remember, whether it is real estate related or not, there is a good chance that whatever you need, I can help!

It’s a good life!

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