Murphy’s Law

It was sometime in the late 80’s, and my dance teacher was choreographing and teaching a dance to our company. I remember the beautiful, classical music. All of the dancers were posed in graceful ballet positions for the start of the dance. As the dance progressed, it morphed into a series of mishaps like a dancer facing the wrong direction or performing the choreography on the wrong foot and even a dancer lifting his partner in an awkward, upside down lift. The dance was titled “Murphy’s Law”. I can tell you from experience that even though that dance was choreographed in a manner to provide some comedy for our audience, there were other times when I was performing that “Everything that could go wrong, did… and at the worst possible moment”.

Need a little refresher on Murphy’s Law? That’s the law of nature that causes your coffee lid to leak, dribbling coffee on your white shirt en-route to a client meeting; or causes a flat tire, on your way to a job interview. Or, as in our case, Murphy triggers a full meltdown of the HVAC system, during a scorching Texas holiday weekend… twice! Yep, Murphy has taken up residence in our house on more than one occasion. I’m excellent at playing the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” game with myself, promising to take care to avoid these breakdowns in the future.

I know we’ve barely started air conditioner season, but in a few days, we’ll all flip that switch and crank down the thermostat, expecting our HVAC to do its magic. But what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you. Though the air conditioner shares a distribution system with the furnace, there are components of the cooling system that have been lazing about all winter, and are in desperate need of a tune up before you ask a lot of them. Let’s give our systems a fighting chance by doing a little preventative maintenance now so it can take care of us all summer.

In an effort to help you keep Murphy at bay this summer, this month’s Item of Value is an introduction to my friends at Dragonfly Mechanical, who offer an annual maintenance package for your HVAC system at a fantastic price. Before we put max load on our HVAC this summer, let’s have James and his crew give it the once-over: blow the dust and debris off all surfaces and clear the gunk (that’s a technical term) from the drain lines. Let them verify the refrigerant levels and perform a functions check on the thermostat, float switch and other features that can prevent ill-timed surprises. You can simply call 512-707-COOL and mention Hindsite to request an appointment and James’ team will schedule a time. And, as a special offer when purchasing an annual maintenance program, Dragonfly Mechanical is offering $100 in “Dragonfly Dollars” that can be applied to system enhancements like a Nest Thermostat or a UV light kit.

In the meantime, you can do your part to lighten your system’s load by tackling a few of the practical suggestions on this flyer. Help me, let Dragonfly Mechanical help you. Together we’ll defeat Murphy, and his annoying little Law, and keep ourselves cool all summer.

…and Remember, whether it is real estate related or not, there is a good chance that whatever you need, I can help!

It’s a good (cool) life!

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