Stuck at Home? Piece of Cake!

So, this month’s letter was supposed to be all about Hindsite’s birthday. In the year 2020, Hindsite 20/20 is turning…30! And we had a whole epic party planned! But like so many other occasions this spring, the celebration is postponed.

It is admittedly a strange time for everyone. So many of us find ourselves largely homebound, balancing work, family, and a curious new tendency toward baking (my recent attempts at a sourdough are admittedly more brick than bread). Yet, I find that in “social distancing,” ironically, I have been reaching out more than usual to friends and family. Everyone, it seems, wants very much to be there for each other.

I remember learning as a kid that, in some parts of the world, the birthday girl gives out presents to friends, instead of the other way around. In honor of Hindsite’s birthday, I’d love to know what I can give to you. I remain, as always, available to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. This could be a time to brainstorm home improvements, discuss refinancing your loan, or learn more about preventive home maintenance. (If you need anything non-house related, I am here for that too!) And since houses don’t respect the sanctity of quarantines, please remember that I can help you find contractors, even now, for any repairs your home may currently need.

In the meantime, because you can’t keep a good birthday down, we still got cake! This month's Item of Value is a chance to win a delicious cake, delivered, from Nothing Bundt Cakes. (For those of you not in Austin, don’t worry…there are locations nationwide!) Go to (or click here) for your chance to win. Stay safe my friends, and remember I am always available (Zoom meeting, anyone?)

Elbow bump, 



Stephanie Weitzner


Phone: (202) 746-0234

[email protected]

P.S.  I am here to take care of you and yours when it comes to real estate. All of your family and friends will be in great hands when you refer them to me. 

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