Cooking is Better Together

Coming from generations of Italians as well as growing up and raising my family in Texas, both regions which share a passion for preparing and gathering around food, my kids and I have an inherited love for cooking and eating.  Whether replicating the family recipes for pizza, pastas, and desserts, or creating our own culinary adventures, we all appreciate a great home-cooked meal.   


Each of my kids have enjoyed mastering their own kitchen creations.  Even with my oldest daughter, Madison, off to college, we often find ourselves on Saturday mornings making "Madison's eggs", which are more of a cheese soufflé than scrambled eggs.  They are a family favorite, along with her mac and cheese, and fettuccini Alfredo – Madison has mastered "anything with cheese!"  My youngest, Abby, is my baker.  Whether it's cupcakes with lots of frosting, chocolate chip muffins or brownie bites, she loves to create and eat bite-sized treats.  Lauren loves parties – she helps me shop and prepare for each celebration, from Mimi's pies and Grandma's cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving, to party punch, dips and decorations for every get together.  As with most boys, my son Cameron prefers to make steak, and even fish, both of which are seasoned to perfection.  He can also turn a package of Ramen into a delicious meal (according to my kids), but that's another story. 


So, what does this have to do with real estate?  Well, with each of us contributing our own talent, creating food for our gatherings makes our family traditions even more special!  As the Godparent of your house, that is what I want for you, and it takes all of us to create it.  Each one of us has specific expectations of how they would like things to go and what they would like to achieve.  My commitment is to multiply my market knowledge with a strong network of professionals – lenders, inspectors, Title escrow officers, a vast and dedicated group of vendors in every field, and the best support team in the industry – to create a custom experience for your family to achieve your unique dreams and live a life you love. 


This month’s Item of Value is the opportunity to contribute a favorite recipe to create something that is bigger than any one of us, and have a chance to win a Big Green Egg.  CLICK HERE and register to win the Big Green Egg.  In exchange, we are inviting you to submit your favorite grilling recipe online.  We will collect all of the individual recipes into a custom cookbook and share it with our ever-growing Hindsite 20/20 family.  One grilling recipe is good, but by sharing our best, we can create something that is more than the sum of its parts. 



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