Toy Joy

When clients who are relocating to Austin ask what my family's favorite things are to do here, the list is long, and as diverse as our city we call home. Austin is a pretty unique and wonderful place to live. I have loved living here in my college years, as well as through the many years of raising my kids. It has been so much fun to explore everything from the downtown nightlife, live music venues, our favorite local restaurants and boutiques, museums, theaters, and the Austin Zoo, to finding photo opportunities, hiking and picnicking along our hills, rivers and lakes. Even driving around Austin is an adventure whether it is navigating the many streets that have 2-3 different names (like Mopac/Loop 1, 183/Research Boulevard, and Northland/2222) to find our destination, or just enjoying the ups and downs of the scenic roadways.  


For a period of time when my kids were growing up, we lived out of state, though every year we would visit to reconnect with family and friends, as well as to enjoy all that we love about Austin.  For my kids, a visit was not complete without a trip to Amy's Ice Cream, Chuy’s, Hula Hut, a jump in Barton Springs Pool, and a visit to Toy Joy.  If you’ve never been, Toy Joy is quite an eclectic and unique toy store that fits the "Keep Austin Weird" theme perfectly.  We would use this time to take silly pictures of outrageous toys, hats and stuffed animals, as well as to find the perfect "one of a kind" toy to bring home to our friends or cousins.  We found that it was also a great place to shop for fun, out-of-the-box party favors, and I can vividly remember the first time I saw a fortune-telling fish there. 


In true Austin (and Toy Joy) fashion, I am keeping it weird with this month's Item of Value, a fortune-telling fish of your very own to provide a little entertainment for you and smiles for your kids. If you didn't receive one of these fish from me in the mail, let me know and I'll happily send you one! Kind of like opening up a fortune cookie, the movement of the little fish can mean all kinds of silly things.  Just have fun with it!  Simply place the fish in the palm of your hand and its movements will reveal all… OK, maybe don't read too much into the results, but don’t be surprised if it tells you that you’re “In Love” (with Austin). You can also replace the list of fortunes with an Austin “fun things to do” list and let the fish choose your next outing… and if you do, I would be thrilled to know where it sends you! As your realtor, I love being part of your Austin adventure. 



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