Family Time

My family and I have inherited a love for holiday celebrations, which include traditions handed down for generations, as well as some that we started ourselves, and others that seem be modified as my kids get older. We love any reason to celebrate and the holidays are one way to ensure a reason to have a party almost every month of the year.  From watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve, to Easter baskets, mass, honey ham, and an egg hunt on Easter Sunday, to a pot full of homemade chili and caramel apples before trick or treating on Halloween, oven-roasted turkey with Grandma's cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving, and finally making homemade pasta sauce and a birthday cake for Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve, each brings some festivity to our usual daily schedules. 


In our family, the anticipation of the next holiday brings such excitement and joy that it can lift our moods and invite us into some family time that we otherwise may not have made space for. I realize more and more each year that, although the surprises and array of delicious foods that surround many of the celebrations are wonderful, what I truly treasure most is the quality family time and making of cherished memories with my loved ones for years to come! 


The traditions may have changed a bit over the years in order to keep my kids’ interest, but the heartfelt memories are consistent. 


I would love to hear about your family holiday traditions, passed down for generations… or inspiring new ones created each year. In order to reward you with another way to encourage your whole family to unplug and spend time together, this month’s Item of Value is a chance to win dinner and a movie, on me. Just go to and register for the opportunity to pick up tickets to Alamo Drafthouse and treat your very own “family” to a new, stress-free holiday tradition!  


Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year in 2020! 


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