No Surprises!

Often times we take things in our homes for granted or, due to our busy schedules, put off maintenance we know we should do because everything seems perfectly fine. We think our A/C unit will last the test of time, when in reality the average HVAC system gives us about 10-15 years. We ignore the noises it starts to make and then one day, Surprise!, it goes out in the middle of August leaving us hot, very uncomfortable, and frustrated as we wait for a repair person to come and take care of the situation. Then we look at the bill and wonder—yikes—did we pay too much?

People often do the same when it comes to their property taxes; they don’t worry about them until they have to when the tax bill comes and, Surprise!, the number is much higher than they were expecting. They start to question if there was anything they could have done to keep that number down and, wait, wasn’t there something about protesting the home’s value earlier in the year?

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid unpleasant homeownership costs and breakdowns by having someone who can help you prepare? Well, you do, and that someone is me!

For starters, I can tell you with certainty that A/C and Property Taxes are inevitable. But, you don’t have to be Surprised by either, and a little planning now can make a huge impact in the future! For example, I know that the cost in time and money to restore an A/C unit are exponentially higher over a scorching holiday weekend during the summer than a preventative service check now. I also know that the Property Tax process for 2020 is well underway and it’s likely your home’s tax value will be higher than last year’s. But don’t worry—I can help with both. No Surprise!

This month’s Item of Value is a “two-fer” to help keep those unwanted Surprises at bay. First, an introduction to my trusted friends at Altruistic A/C & Heating who are offering a pre-season check-up at a fantastic price, which you can request at, along with some important tips to keep your A/C in top shape. And second, an insightful look at the Property Tax timeline along with my offer of customized help when it comes time to decide if protesting your taxable value makes sense; I recommend you call, text, or email me as soon as you receive this year’s Notice of Appraised Value in the mail so we can discuss. Together we can anticipate these obstacles, make an action plan, and get the help you need to live a life you love, full of delightful Surprises!


It’s a good life!




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