Making Your Own Holiday Traditions

Where did this year go? The holidays are officially upon us! While I feel the year went by too quickly, I do love this time of year, especially time with family and friends and making unique holiday traditions. Growing up, our Thanksgiving traditions were a little different; as Indian-Americans, our dinners included things like mom’s vegetable curry, samosas, and rice. While I know most people associate Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, for me, I associate Thanksgiving with my mom’s delicious vegetable curry. Though my mom has passed, her curry tradition lives on with fond memories.

On the other hand, I am grateful my Hindu parents embraced Christmas traditions, especially for us kids which meant we had a Christmas tree, stockings, and presents. They even had us believing in Santa Claus. From ages 5-9, I thought Santa Claus was coming to our house leaving us gifts—my guess was he was coming through the back door, because we had no chimney. By age 10, I discovered there was no Santa, only my parents. While it was disappointing to realize there was no Santa, I very much appreciated my parents for their efforts.

As an adult, my Christmas tradition has evolved over the years. I used to put up a Christmas tree and some decorations and stay in town for the holidays visiting with family and friends. About seven years ago, my sister and I started a new annual tradition where we take a Christmas beach vacation. By August, we start asking ourselves, “where would we like to go this year that would be warm, and we can enjoy the beach for a few days?” And with that question in mind, we begin planning our vacation. Over the years, we have experienced the beautiful holiday festivities and lights at Coronado Hotel in San Diego, CA, Rock N Roll Christmas Bingo at Orange Beach, AL, and the Aztec ruins around Tulum, Mexico. This year, we are thinking of staying closer to home and exploring the Texas Gulf Coast.

I’d love to hear about your family holiday traditions, whether they’re ones that have been cultivated over generations or are new in recent years. And, as this month’s Item of Value, I want to help you remember that Santa Claus exists in each of us and give you a chance to win dinner and a movie, on me. Just go to and register for the opportunity to pick up tickets to Alamo Drafthouse as a special treat for you and your loved ones. If a movie outing during the holidays isn’t something you already look forward to, perhaps it can become a new, stress-free holiday tradition! Happy Holidays!


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